My Personal Story

There were three things that propelled me into making soap.

A number of years ago my niece was hospitalized in very serious condition. When she was released, her nutritionist explained that when you put something into your body that your body can’t use (chemicals, etc) your immune system has to deal with that and hers was already compromised. She was advised to watch not only what she put into her body but also what she put on her skin. I was intrigued and began researching what was in my skin-care products.

I was struggling with skin issues of my own and had begun experimenting with natural ingredients. At the same time I had planted an herb garden and began learning about the value of herbs.

When I first started making soap it was so much fun, I just kept trying new recipes and new ingredients. I quickly realized that we were accumulating more soap than we would ever use so I gave it away to my friends. That was the start of my business as friends returned asking if they could buy soap.

I love making soap. I love creating products that look beautiful. I love how my skin feels. I love helping people improve their skin and clear some of the unhealthy products out of their life.

My Company Story

I started The Herb Garden in 2001 with handcrafted vegetable oil soap.   Since then, I have expanded the business to include a variety of herbal skin-care products.  My goal is to create products that nourish your skin, are enjoyable to use, and contain no unnecessary additives.  I will continue to develop and add to my product line as the testing on willing family and friends is satisfactory.

All of my products are created and produced in small batches with utmost attention to quality ingredients and skin nutrition in order to give you the best possible skin-care products.  I use no dyes or artificial colorants in my products.  All of the color, texture, and visual interest is created with herbs, spices, flowers, fruit fibers and clays.  At first I grew some of the herbs for the soaps in my own garden. I quickly realized that I cannot produce a great enough quantity to meet my soaping needs, so now I purchase pesticide-free from reputable suppliers.

My desire is not only to create fine herbal products and showcase them in my store, but also to help my customers make more informed decisions about their health, their skin-care products and the ingredients found in the products they are using.  To this end, the FAQ page as well as the blog, will help to educate you as you make those important decisions.

Give my products a try and see a difference in your skin.

My Soap Story

Made from all-natural vegetable oils, my handmade soap is a treat for your skin. Most of my soaps are created from the basic combination of olive oil, palm oil and coconut oil. Many of them also contain a variety of other oils and butters. Each of these oils and butters has a quality that it brings to the soap. Some oils create a wonderful lather, while others produce a hard, long-lasting bar.  The colors in the soap come from powdered herbs, flowers and spices.  I use no synthetic or artificial colorants.  Many of the soaps have chopped flowers or herbs in them which add visual interest but also work for mid exfoliation. 

All of my soaps (except Pretty Feet and Gardener’s Clean-up) can be used on your body or your face; however, if you are having problems with your face, you may want to begin with a few recommendations.  The Oatmeal, Milk and Honey is a great facial soap for anyone and it works well for dry or itchy skin.  The Charcoal Facial soap is my choice for those with problem skin or oily skin.  

For answers to more questions you might have concerning soap, please check out the FAQ tab at the top of the page

Looking forward to meeting you,

Cindy Jantz