My Company Story ……

I started The Herb Garden in 2001 with handcrafted vegetable oil soap.   Since then, I have expanded the business to include a variety of herbal skin-care products.  My goal is to create products that nourish your skin, are enjoyable to use, and contain no unnecessary additives.  I will continue to develop and add to my product line as the testing on willing family and friends is satisfactory.

All of my products are created and produced in small batches with utmost attention to quality ingredients and skin nutrition in order to give you the best possible skin-care products.  I use no dyes or artificial colorants in my products.  All of the color, texture, and visual interest is created with herbs, spices, flowers, fruit fibers and clays.  Some of the herbs used are grown in my garden.  Those I cannot grow myself or cannot produce in great enough quantity, I purchase pesticide-free from reputable suppliers.

My desire is not only to create fine herbal products and showcase them in my store, but also to help my customers make more informed decisions about their health, their skin-care products and the ingredients found in the products they are using.  To this end, the FAQ and Ingredients pages as well as the blog, will help to educate you as you make those important decisions.

Give my products a try and see a difference in your skin.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Cindy Jantz