This is a dry mask mix that allows you to add your own liquid. Because it has no liquid added, it is preservative-free and will not go bad. You may mix as little or as much as you need whenever you want. Use water, green tea, fruit juice (pineapple is good), or whatever works for your skin. Trying different liquids lets you customize it for your skin.



australian pastel pink clay, rose kaolin clay, goat milk powder, bentonite clay, fuller’s earth, rosehips extract, rosehips powder


Mix 1 tablespoon of ingredients with your choice of liquid (start with 1 teaspoon) until a smooth, thick paste is formed. Apply to face avoiding the eye area and allow the mask to set (it does not need to dry completely). Adjust time according to what works best for your skin. Rinse off completely. Each jar contains 7-8 uses.

Masks should be used once every week or 10 days depending on how your skin responds.

Discontinue use if irritation develops.
Some colored clays will stain fabric.


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