Cashmere & Pear Sugar Scrub


Scrubs usually consist of something “scratchy” and something “oily.” The “scratchy” element serves to exfoliate. Then the “oily” element soaks into the newly exfoliated skin and nourishes and softens it. Salt crystals are pointier than sugar crystals and thus will be rougher on your skin. Salt scrubs are not recommended for use on the face, on broken skin or after shaving. Sugar scrubs are gentler to your skin, can be used on broken skin and, depending on the tenderness of your skin, most sugar scrubs can be gently used on the face.

This emulsified scrub is thick and holds together.  Each scent contains white sugar, other exfoliants (ground coffee, poppy seeds, fruit seeds, or fruit peel) to smooth your skin and lots of skin-loving butters and oils to soften it.

5 ounces

INGREDIENTS:  white sugar, cranberry butter blend, jojoba butter blend, fractionated coconut oil, emulsifying wax, poppy seeds, jojoba meal, *fragrance oil, vitamin e, germall plus (preservative) *phthalate-free

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