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Giving Back — Women Helping Women

Giving Back – Women helping Women Some of you may follow the blog “We are THAT family.”   Here is a quotation from one of the blog posts this past year.  “More than a year ago, God dropped an idea in my heart.  I had this crazy – overwhelming, overpowering desire to empower women all over the […]

Upcoming Events

Open House, Saturday, November 15 At the November show I will have a table of factory seconds for sale at discounted prices.  Most of this will be soap that is “cosmetically challenged” and has not been labelled or wrapped but is still the same wonderful soap as the full price bars.  Fall scents but none of the Christmas […]

Product Focus: Facial Soap

“Can I use this on my face?” I get that question a lot. While I now use just about all of my soaps on my face, I haven’t always done that. When I first started making soap, I was dealing with troubled skin. I had gone through so many products and tried just about everything […]

Ingredient Focus: Colorants

Let’s face it. Most of us are pretty particular about what we put in our mouth, but what about what we put on our skin? The FDA regulates ingredients in cosmetics and soap; however, there are a great many colorants on the “GRAS” (generally recognized as safe) list including food coloring. I’ve even known some […]

Product Focus: Scrubs

Scrubs?  Scrubs are usually made up of two elements:  something oily and something “scratchy.”  The “scratchy” element serves to exfoliate, after which the “oily” element soaks into the newly exfoliated skin to nourish and soften it. You’ll usually see two forms of scrubs:  salt scrubs and sugar scrubs.  Both will accomplish the basic function of […]