Product Focus: Facial Soap

“Can I use this on my face?” I get that question a lot. While I now use just about all of my soaps on my face, I haven’t always done that. When I first started making soap, I was dealing with troubled skin. I had gone through so many products and tried just about everything on my newly sensitive skin with the same red, burning reaction. I got to the point where the only thing I used on my face was warm water and a washcloth.

When I first started making soap, I loved how my skin responded to it but was hesitant to try it on my face given my history. I soon learned that my face LOVED the soap and I can use almost any of the soaps on my face. (The only ones I don’t use are Pretty Feet and Gardener’s Scrub because the pumice in them and makes them TOO scratchy!)

Even though I tend to use on my face whatever happens to be in the bathroom, I have found that I like some soaps better than others. My present favorites are Charcoal Facial and Cornmeal & Wheat Germ Scrub.

Charcoal Facial contains charcoal which helps to purify your skin and pull out toxins. It contains mango butter and is scented only with tea tree oil. Cornmeal & Wheat Germ Scrub is a mild soap with great lather which supplies gentle exfoliation.

The two other soaps that I still recommend for people who are hesitant to use soap on their face are Lemongrass Clay and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey. Lemongrass Clay is good starting soap for those with oily or problem skin and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey is good for dry or itchy skin.

Try one of these four soaps on your face and see what your results are.